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Not all online information is reliable especially when it is related to medical and health. The following tips, as well as top-rated medical sites, will help you sort out online health information and locate trustworthy and reliable medical information.

Verifying the medical information

Medical and health information websites sponsored by medical organisations, university medical centre, the government and nonprofit health organisations are more reliable sources of medical information online.

Websites supported by profit-oriented companies such as insurance or drug companies who are trying to sell their products are not the best option when looking for online health information.

To find out the sponsor of a site or where the information came from check the About Us’ tab on the home page of the website.

You should also look for a blue and red HONcode’ seal found at the bottom of the page. The seal means that the site is certified to post online health information and it posts credible information. However, government sponsored websites do not have this seal.

Also, keep in mind that medical and health information changes regularly, therefore, always check when the information was published to make sure it is current. If you do an online research before seeking treatment, print the findings so that the doctor can review it.

The top health sites

With dozens of great health sites that provide unbiased, trustworthy, reliable medical information, here are the top health sites that are quite easy to use.


This site is managed by U.S. National Library of Medicine and sponsored by National Institutes of Health. It provides information on over 1000 conditions and diseases in the health topics link and section to other reliable trusted sources.

It also provides a directory to clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. It has a medical dictionary, medical encyclopedia, tests and treatments, tutorials on common conditions, extensive information about prescription drugs, herbs and HGH supplements and countless clinical trials. It even has a senior specific health site; that provides age-related health information making it easy to access information.


This site is owned by Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research and it is produced by over 3000 physicians, researchers, and scientists from Mayo Clinic. It provides easy to understand, in-depth health information of so many conditions, diseases, supplements such as HGH, drugs, tests, and procedures.

It also has a clear symptom checker tool and first aid guide for quick answers to all health conditions along with videos, expert answer, and medical blogs links for additional information.